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In the search for low interest rates for home construction or home purchase, interested parties often end up with the Intrasavings bank loan for builders . Building a house or renovating an old building is usually time-consuming and costly.

Apply for Intrasavings bank loan at the bank.

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If these funds are not available, a loan is usually taken at the house bank or a direct bank. Depending on how the interest rates currently stand, this can be either expensive or cheap. It is therefore no wonder that home builders and renovators compare long before they decide. The Intrasavings bank loan for builders offers an interesting opportunity to get favorable interest rates.

Intrasavings bank helps with low-interest loans

Intrasavings bank helps with low-interest loans

So much the better that Intrasavings bank provides valuable support here in the form of low-interest loans. In the area of ​​”building, living, saving energy”, there are various support programs that should facilitate the way to your own home. The condition is that the subsidized property itself is used. Not only the purchase or the construction of a property is supported, but also an age-appropriate conversion, an energetic refurbishment as well as the use of renewable energies.

Which Intrasavings bank loans are there?

The Energy Efficient Building Program (153) supports builders with a loan of up to $ 50,000 if they meet an energy standard of at least 70, 55 or 40. The construction of a passive house is also supported. This loan can be used in conjunction with the Intrasavings bank Home Ownership Program (124). The latter takes on the purchase of a house or a condominium, but can also be used when building. Especially practical: even if you buy refurbished residential property, this is supported by Intrasavings bank. Either a soft loan (151/152) or a grant (430) is available here. Even the age-appropriate conversion of a house or apartment, is subsidized. 

Intrasavings bank loan for builders – That’s something to keep in mind

To qualify for the Intrasavings bank loan for builders , however, various requirements must be met. Contact your house bank before you start your construction project. Let us advise you on the subject and let you check whether your requirements are sufficient to benefit from the support.

Where is Intrasavings bank Credit available?

Where is Intrasavings bank Credit available?

You can not apply for Intrasavings bank Kredit directly from the promotional bank . You can only apply for a Intrasavings bank loan from banks and savings banks. The banks have application forms for a Intrasavings bank loan.

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